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Park Yoga and red leaves

Park Yoga 2022 begins on May 6th
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Spending time in nature may improve your health in many ways, such as helping to lower your stress, lift your mood or foster enjoyable physical activity.


Park Yoga is a beautiful opportunity to connect with yourself, nature and your community. 





Read more about the benefits of being nature from the Yale School of the Environment here and from the Mayo Clinic here.

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"I so much needed a new beginning with yoga. Yoga in the park with Claire gave that to me. Through her class I could feel my body, my muscles, even my bones alive and reaching again. I am so thankful.
I loved yoga outdoors in Prospect Park under the tall trees in the cool air. The limbs of our class and the trees reaching up to the sunny sky.  After each class I felt a strength and steadiness and aliveness that is the best of life."

- Park Yoga Student

"Claire is one of the most personable yoga instructors I've ever had. Her flows are on point and she knows how to make a class fun and get you out of your busy city-life head. Being outside on a beautiful spring day was just the cherry on top. Highly recommend!!"

- Allison, Park Yoga Student

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