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private sessions: Red flowers
Together we'll create a safe space for you to unwind and grow.
Perhaps this means a super intense sweat sesh to tire out your body, or a guided meditation to clear your mind.

Sessions can work towards goals of balance, strength, mobility & ease in body and mind,

and can can include any of the following modalities:
Vinyasa or Slow Flow Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Thai Bodywork
Strength Training

Check the FAQs below for questions, or email

Once you sign up, I will contact you via phone or email to discuss your goals and a strategy for our sessions.
Let's build a program that supports your needs, and helps you to be your best!

Sign up for 2, 3 or 5 sessions

then choose your class location: in the park, your home or online

"Wow that was a big release. I even felt myself get emotional. Today's session was really amazing , thank you." 


"I was tired and I didn't want to do it [our private session], but of course it was perfect."


 "I so much needed a new beginning with yoga. Yoga with Claire gave that to me. Through her class I could feel my body, my muscles, even my bones alive and reaching again. I am so thankful."

or you can also set up group privates for 2 or more people in person or on online with your long distance besties or family.

$100 per session

Check the FAQs below for questions, or email
private sessions


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled 24hrs before the scheduled start time or else the session must be paid for in full. 

Q: Do you send me a link for online

A: Yes, I will email you an access link for Zoom a few days before our session.

 Q: Can I have a recording of our online session?

A: Yes, please request I record our session at the beginning and I will send it to you afterward.

Q: Can I book 1 or 2 sessions?

A: Sessions are booked in sets of 3 or more so that you can begin to culitvate the habits that support the goals you are working towards, and feel the results.

Q; Do you do check ins?

A: YES! I always want to make sure that the work we are doing feels good and supportive.

If it isn't we adapt the plan!

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