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meredith dancer picture

Meredith Glisson

Class Dates:
Sept. 22nd
Sept. 27 10am
Oct. 2pm 12pm

Bio: Meredith Glisson is a director, dramaturg, movement coach and performer for stage and film. Her artistic work and teaching spans across disciplines falling in between contemporary theater and dance along with wellness practices where she activates the body into motion through rhythmic physicality, emotive incentives, and situational scenarios to unlock strategies for performance. She has presented her work in the USA, France, Spain, and U.K and was most recently a selected artist for the Barcelona Contemporary 2021. She is a founding board member of Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation | Chez Bushwick and co-Director of MOtiVE Brooklyn, a space located in Dumbo, NY that values, connects and supports artists through moving forms of engagement and experimentation. She holds a MFA in Interdisciplinary Practices at Falmouth University in the UK partnering with dramaturgy, theatre and dance programs at HZT Berlin and Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She completed yoga trainings at WOOM Center (RYT 200 hrs) and in Katonah Yoga (40 hrs).

claire dancers pose on the pier

Claire Baum

Class Dates:
Sept. 24th 1pm
Oct. 1st 12pm
Oct. 3rd 12pm

Bio: Claire Baum is a dancer, choreographer and ERYT-200 yoga teacher (from OM Factory). She teaches vinyasa, restorative and pre/ post natal group classes and privates - always adjusting class to best suit her student's needs. Claire's anatomically based classes have an innovative dance inspired approach to sequencing; she encourages autonomy inside the practice, which aims to cultivate a sense of accessibility, grounding and joy about moving your body. Claire has taught at gyms, boutique studios and in office and residential settings across NYC. She has done YTT Finishing School with Analiese Godderz, and mentorships with Cam Noseworthy and Margo Lightburn. Claire has trauma training from Exhale to Inhale and hOMe, and a 35hr Anatomy Certification from Sacred Sounds Yoga and Joe Miller. 

neva dancing in a giant skirt

Neva Guido

Class Dates:
Sept. 22nd 5:30pm
Oct. 5th 6pm

Bio: Neva Guido is a dancer living and working in New York City. She is interested in how to generate and provide prompts for movement that are exciting and accessible. Pulling from her training as a circus teacher and from the wealth of workshops she has taken herself, Neva's classes are curious, confusing, and joyful.

Sarah Bock tree pose in the mountains

Sarah Block

Class Dates:
Sept. 23rd 6pm Sept. 20th 6pm Oct. 7th 6pm

Bio: Sarah Block is an anthropologist, activist, and yoga and mindfulness
teacher who believes that individual healing and collective liberation go
hand in hand. Over the last decade, Sarah has been dedicated to
community-based strategies to protect and uplift marginalized
populations. She currently works with an organization that leverages
legal advocacy and community organizing to prevent displacement in
New York City. She finds it an honor to guide people to recognize their
capacity to heal themselves and their communities. Sarah has
completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, a 60-hour certificate in
Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and has helped to lead yoga
retreats around the world. She offers classes in vinyasa yoga, tao yoga, as well as pranayama, meditation, and other mindfulness practices. You can also find her spreading joy on dance floors, and connecting the Flatbush community as a *77* curator and a Flatbush Zen Group teacher.

erin landers dancing in green dress

Erin Landers

Class Dates:
Sept. 23rd 6pm Oct. 5th 6pm

Bio: ERIN LANDERS is a Brooklyn based choreographer, teacher, and performer. She is a founding member of ECHOensemble, an improvising group of musicians and dancers, a member of dNaga Dance Company, an internationally-touring, intergenerational dance company directed by Claudine Naganuma, and was a co-founder of A-Y/dancers, a Hudson-Valley based repertory company. Erin is influenced by her upbringing in a musical household and background in many dance forms including modern, contemporary, ballet, Zimbabwean, Balkan, and Irish Dance as well as mime. She creates choreographic work independently, and is producing her second evening-length performance this fall.
As a teacher, she encourages creativity and playfulness, and hopes to illuminate dance technique in a way that gives students tools for their own expression and creation.

Jennifer Nugent dancing picture

Jennifer Nugent

Class Dates:
Sept. 20th 6pm

Bio: Jennifer Nugent is a performer, educator, mother, and partner. Jennifer addresses her body, mind and being through questioning. She articulates internal experiences through performance and teaching; augmenting these practices by sharing and refining ideas in front of others—a transmission of spoken and gestural language.
Jeninfer has performed most notably with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company 2009-2014, Paul Matteson 2002-2020, David Dorfman Dance from 1999-2007, and Martha Clarke 2007-2008. Her most recent performance endeavors have included a solo show up against at Gibney Presents and projects with Joann Kotze, Beth Gil, and Faye Driscoll. Jennifer currently teaches at Gibney Dance (NYC), Sarah Lawrence College, (NY), and the virtual platform freeskewl.

emily anderson seated forward fold

Emily Anderson

Class Dates:
Sept. 30th 6pm Oct. 7th 6pm

Bio: Emily (RYT-200 from Yoga Garden San Francisco) began practicing Hatha Yoga as a part of her actor conservatory training. It was introduced as a practice to hone one’s sensory awareness and embodiment. Emily became curious about all of the limbs of Yoga and the intersections of art, meditation, and movement found in Yoga practice. She has continued to expand her study of asana, pranayama, and philosophy ever since. Her gentle, explorational teaching style is greatly influenced by her dynamic physical theatre background, ongoing study of other movement practices from around the world, and deep spiritual life. With a focus on somatics and sensory awareness, Emily’s classes invite students of all levels to tune in and cultivate curiosity and love for the body. 

Marisa Martin doing pigeon pose in blue leggings

Marisa Martin

Class Dates:
Oct. 1st 12pm
Oct. 2nd 12pm

Bio: Marisa Martin is a lifelong movement-lover. She received her 200-hour Vinyasa certification from Yoga Vida, where she also completed a five month intensive mentorship. She went on to continue her studies in Trauma Sensitivity, Restorative Yoga, and the fundamentals of Iyengar Yoga. She holds a BFA in Dance from Fordham University/The Alvin Ailey School and has enjoyed an expansive dance career. She teaches a wide range of students privately and publicly throughout New York City.

Marisa’s teaching has been described as intuitive, compassionate, creative, and intelligent. She seeks to offer an environment that is supportive, warm, and welcoming to all. Marisa’s priority is to be fully present with her students in order to remain open to the possibilities of each moment. Marisa teaches with the belief that our practice, whether new or long-established, can be used as an opportunity to look deeply inwards and, in turn, move out into the world leading from a more centered, compassionate place.

sydney P extended side angle

Sydney Pereira

Class Dates:
Sept. 24th 10am
Oct. 2nd 5pm

Bio: Sydney Pereira is a trauma-sensitive yoga instructor who designs her classes with the goal of equipping and empowering practitioners to carry techniques and sequences home with them. She aims to guide individuals through the process of bringing their minds into the present moment with their body and using yoga as a tool to learn more about themselves.

Mor Mendel dancing in red pants

Mor Mendel

Class Dates:

Oct. 2nd 5pm

Oct. 3rd 12pm

Bio: I am a performance artist, choreographer, improviser and educator. Born in Pittsburgh, PA I moved to Israel at the age of two. I earned my BA in Dance Theater in Tel Aviv 2009, and a Masters in Dance and Choreography from Sarah Lawrence College New York 2014. I participated in different workshops and courses around dance, Improvisation and other somatic fields as well as taken university courses in psychology and creative therapies. Recently I have been working with Parkinson's patients, elderly & non dancers and movement based artists. My teaching focuses on dance as an individual pathway to freedom, self expression, strength and joy.

Vanessa Taal warrior one infront of water

Vanessa Taal

Class Dates:
Sept. 22nd 5:30pm Sept. 27th 10am

Bio: Yoga is my practice for centering and grounding, and I am lucky to have been practicing since my teenage years. I am RYT 500 certified in Hatha yoga, and incorporate a lot of Vinyasa and Yin into my practice. I am traditionally trained in India, and prefer a practice that is moderate and builds slowly. I love to strike a balance between yin and yang, so that we all leave the mat feeling energized and rejuvinated, not sore and overworked. Finding the quiet at the end of asana practice in meditation is where it all comes together, and I am grateful for the practice because it prepares our bodies to sit in deep stillness, where we can remember the breath, and remember who we are.

andi pei dancing in big tshirt

Andi Pei

Class Dates:
Sept. 24th 10am Oct. 8th 12pm

Bio: Andi Pei is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, and pilates instructor. She has her MFA from Ohio State University and BFA from the Nanjing University of Art in China. As a dancer with Chinese classical dance and contemporary dance background, she is interested in multi-focused and cross-cultural movement research as well as body awareness from different aspects. She is also a dance filmmaker who is interested in interdisciplinary and creative creation and is committed to integrating her thinking of connecting to personal identity and the sense of belonging into her creation. She worked as a Graduate Teaching Associate at the Ohio State University Department of Dance, and as a Programming Associate of Dance@30 FPS Dance Film Festival. She has received Helen P. Alkire Academic Fellowship in 2021; Leadership Scholarship from American Dance Festival in 2019. Her choreography work Standing Alone was selected for the ACDA East Central Gala concert in 2019. Her dance film work Willow was selected for EnCore: Dance on Film Festival and Greensboro Dance Film Festival in 2020. And her work "Behind Body" was screened in collaboration with the Urban Art Space Hopkins Hall Art Museum.

Joe Tyman meditating in the city

Joseph Tyman

Class Dates:
Oct. 1st 4pm
Oct. 8th 12pm

Bio: Joe is Brooklyn based RYT-500. They found a neighborhood yoga studio after moving to Brooklyn and has had a daily practice ever since. As a teacher, Joe, tries to create an open and safe class that has something for everyone. Joe is a survivor of getting hit by car. This informs Joe’s classes with innate awareness of their and other peoples trauma.

Kara Gordon doing yoga in the city

Kara Gordon

Class Dates:
Sept. 24th 1pm

Bio: Kara is a Brooklyn-based yoga teacher with over 600 hours of training. Starting out in restorative and vinyasa classes at Yoga Vida, she continues her studies with Nikki Costello and Amy Wolfe, focusing on alignment and integration of the body, mind, and spirit. Her classes dig deep into the mechanics of asana while encouraging play, ease, and using all props available.  She teach alignment-focused asana with intuitive sequencing, primarily based on her studies in the Iyengar method. Her teaching is trauma-informed, and her students consist of those dealing with PTSD and adults with limited movement. 

chelsea extended side angle on the beach

Chelsea Daniel

Class Dates:
Sept. 30th 6pm
Oct. 1st 4pm

Bio: Chelsea (she/her), founder and guide at Chickadee Yoga, strives to serve each individual pregnant person on their unique pregnancy journey to birth through private yoga sessions.

In addition to private prenatal yoga classes, Chelsea offers vinyasa yoga in studio and in parks, postnatal yoga, baby & me yoga, and private online or in-person children’s yoga for ages 3-6.

With a background in teaching individualized Montessori education for 8 years, over 500 hours of yoga teaching experience, and 7 years of guiding folks in their yoga practices, Chelsea’s passion is to tailor each class to meet you where you are in the present moment.

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