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Co-Teaching in the Park Innovation Festival
Thank you to all who attended our festival!

We paired 15 teachers from different creative and movement backgrounds, who have never worked together before, to bring you 17 innovative and collaboratively led classes in three weeks across 6 New York City parks.

Co-Teaching in the Park: Innovation Festival is a beautiful opportunity to:
*Learn movement concepts you never knew before,

*Experience different movement modalities including various styles of yoga, dance and conditioning,
* build a supportive community with both teachers and other students,
* and, take class in some of New York’s most beautiful green spaces.

We also want to showcase each teacher in their expertise so check below for On Demand classes.
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For Teachers: 

Co-Teaching in the Park: Innovation Festival is Is an opportunity as a teacher to hone your craft, to learn new modalities and collaborate with like minded teachers. It is an opportunity to build genuine community with both teachers and students as we learn from one another and create unique class experiences in some of Brooklyn and New York's most beautiful green spaces. 

In years past of this festival we have paired various yoga teachers and styles together: meditation and vinyasa, reiki and restorative, prenatal and slow flow. We are very excited to take these partnerships further and include other modalities, new community partners and MORE TEACHERS!

Paired with another teacher perhaps outside your discipline, you will create an original 60-90minute exciting and imaginative community experience.

Example pairs: 
a reiki teacher and a HIIT trainer, a pilates teacher and improvisational dance teacher, a yoga teacher and a martial arts teacher etc. 

In addition to teaching 2, 3 or more classes in the Co-Teaching Festival, teachers are invited to film a class in their preferred format for the Linden Movement Lab On Demand video library. These classes will be filmed at MOtiVE Brooklyn and income from these classes will go directly to the teacher.

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