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Other Works

(Including works created with KitchenkSink Collective - KSC)
We forgot the words      (2014)
dancer with dreads standing with another dancer leaning on him

When you love someone but your words just keep coming out wrong, and you cannot seem to get on the same page. Performers: Dave Glista and Sally Kreimendahl

The Things They Gave Us                 (2014)
4 dancers in 2000s prom dresses

Going to the prom, the traditions of courting and assuming gender norms are all things that we do not always fight with zealous force. Sometimes they are inward mirco-struggles we feel every day.  

(Movement Research 2014)


Again, and Again                 (2013)
dancers leaping through a stage

WHAT DOES A MINUTE FEEL LIKE? There are so many ways to experience  a single moment... and they all feel so different.

(WAX Works 2013)


Again, and Again (duet)  (2013)

(Sans Limites Split Bill 2013)


WHAT DOES A MINUTE FEEL LIKE? We took the material from the group

work and created a duet. Without Intentionally infusing meaning into the work, a sisterly or best friend bond was created between the

dancers through the movements.  

Ro(o/a)m                          (2012)
dancer in a purple shirt doing a backbend over another dancer
dancers faces in brown lace masks

My first year in New York I created a work that took place in the subway tracks and imagined the beautiful gnarly creatures and characters that lived there. 

(Greenspace 2012, Underpinnings at The House of Yes 2012)


Evening Prayer                (2010)

(Accra, Ghana 2010)

The dance began as an improvisation and abstraction of the movements used to wash clothes by hand. Working on it at the same time each day, and always out doors, it began to transform into a meditation. always with the same beginning, as a prayer always begins the same in any religion, but it detours like our thoughts and hopes to find an different end each time.  

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