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Magnificent Beast

'Magnificent Beast' is a quartet for female dancers. It explores the incredible muscularity and seeming docility of sting rays and other cartilaginous fish that glide through ocean waters. The movement examines the animal’s relationship to its environment: how the waves and currents affect its body and how it propels itself through underwater landscapes. As the piece progresses, the dancers glide, swim, and “fly” in packs and alone, transforming a horizontal creature's movements to a vertical being.


Dixon Place 2015, Women In Motion - Salon Series 2015, Alexandra Beller's Choreolab 2016,

Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theater Outdoor Festival 2017

Performers include:

Laura Neese, Katherine Gore-Lanzetta, Caroline Guzman, Claire Baum, Valerie Guido, Sally Kriemendahl

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