Company wellness

Bring yoga to your office or workspace to help yourself and others: 


Create a sense of community.

Release stress from the body.

Cultivate clarity for the mind.


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Sample Classes:


This class will help us move into our bodies and out of our 'monkey minds'. As we connect our breath to fluid dance-like flows, the warming and strengthening movement sequences in this class will work

on functional movement and help us to stay present and clear in the moment.

Open to any level.

Slow and Flow

Create more space and ease within your body. Release your sore shoulders and tight hips.  Learn to use your breath to facilitate a deeper stretch and mind-body connection. Find clarity and focus.

Open to any level.


Breath-work and Meditation
There are two ways we can do this class: we can do a seated or supine meditation, or we can do a restorative style class with gentle and supported stretches held for longer. In either scenario, we will attend to the mind-body-breath connection with the goal to recenter the mind, find clarity and ease in focus.

Open to any level.