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About Linden Movement Lab:
Brooklyn-based yoga teachers Claire Baum and Janel Martir came together to grow their wellness communities beyond the yoga studio. Uniting under the entity Linden Movement Lab, their shared vision is to provide inclusive, inquisitive, and science-driven yoga classes to curious yogis wanting to explore and expand their physical and mental well-being.
Each class, event, and workshop offered through LmL will be a space for self discovery. Claire and Janel encourage their students to honor with patience the needs and boundaries of their bodies and minds, offer mindful movement to explore, and incorporate joy and play as a way to gain greater insight into our own personal experiences even when in a group setting.

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Online classes with Claire are offered in vinyasa, restorative, and slow flow styles. Check the calendar for the next live class!

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Testimonials of Claire's classes:

To me Recovery Yoga is a way for me to discover, focus on, and strengthen areas of my body that are neglected in my other workouts.

 Most importantly It's a way to relax and unwind after working out.

- Recovery Yoga Student

Thank you for being so thoughtful and welcoming, even remotely! It's a great instructor who can cue poses over Zoom. :) 

- Digital Vinyasa student

This class is like a cup of hot tea or a long bubble bath - completely relaxing and good for the soul. Expect helpful guidance with breath work and gentle hands-on adjustments. 

- Restorative Yoga student

I thought she was great and authentically herself which makes her a great teacher. I enjoyed how she laughs at herself and made the class fun and playful. I will be back!

- Outdoor: Yoga & Chill student

Claire is so thoughtful and such an elegant teacher - her classes always flow really well and I really appreciate how logical and effortless transitions feel with her.

- Digital Vinyasa student

Testimonials of Janel's classes:

Janel’s cuing is precise and thoughtful. Her classes are a good balance of mindfulness and movement.

- In-person Vinyasa Student

Janel's prenatal classes are as enjoyable and challenging as her regular vinyasa classes. Her teaching style is engaging, specific, and informative. She gives options for different stages of pregnancy and explains how certain poses could be used during labor and childbirth.


- Prenatal Student

Yoga with Janel feels like

exercise for my soul.

- Online Yoga Student

 Janel’s classes are balanced and energetic. They are a real work-out! She has very clear instructions, strategic hands-on adjustments, and helpful modeling.

- In-person Vinyasa Student

Janel's approach to teaching prenatal yoga is suited for all stages of pregnancy and takes into account movements and breath-work that are helpful for the birthing process and postpartum recovery. I look forward to her classes

every week!

- Prenatal Student