Acro 101

Surprise yourself and embrace the inner strength you didn’t know you had!

Acro Yoga 101 is rooted in yogic alignment and contact improvisation principles that teach us that we do not need to be crazy muscularly strong to lift people into the air.

Stacking bones on bones, finding plum-lines and counterbalances - this dynamic class encourages play, supporting one another (quiet literally), a little physics and a lot of fun!

No partner needed - we will work with the new friends we gather with each week.

Let’s lift each other up!

Great for newbies and old pros this fun, inventive, & approachable class practices building functional strength and mobility to support your yoga practice and everyday living. Working on core stabilization, balance, range of motion, and anatomical alignment sequences are repeated allowing students to go deeper in their experience of the asana, challenge memory and TRY AGAIN - because this is a practice not a perfect!
Open Vinyasa


drop the ego, feel the floor

take up space

find the sukha (sweet spot) in each asana, where you are the most aligned and structurally strong you can be while also feeling ease and calm in the body. In this place the asana becomes a full body mudra (helping deliver the practitioner into a deeper state of awareness/ consciousness.